Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bAd! vEryVeRy BaD hEArT.

hye everyone!
its been a longlong time ago i wrote my last entry.

dulu sibuk nan play.sekarang sibuk dirumah.

ouh.selama dirumah sempat la saye mengkhatamkan beberape cite.
-secret garden
-49 days
-red riding hood
-its boy girl thing.

tapi.sewaktu tgk cite secret garden,saye jatoh hati dgn lagulagu ost secret garden.

nie die!

lyrics die:-

- i never believed my heart-

ha.ya.same goes to me.
very hard to believe my heart.
coz it keeps telling me lies.

it keeps change its decision.

i can't make my mind.no more.
i let everything happen as it is.
according to my fate.

but the thing that i'm sure enough is
my heart is so bad towards me.

nvm,keep moving.keep moving.
life goes on.

n take a look at this vidoe.
lately sgt suke dgr music macam nie.

bond & david garret.
ouhh,i love them so much.
fall in love with their music & talent

p/s:i'm sorry for my wrong doing.

have  a nice day! =]

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