Wednesday, May 23, 2012

aku & diri

da lame ak tinggal belog nie.

the moment i remember about this blog is the moment i'm not in a very good condition.
but how come i turn into this condition.
supposedly i should be happy.
because tomorrow i'm going back for my holiday.
but then i remember i have arabic listening test tomorrow.

actually this matter didn't influence my emotion and condition at all.
i feel uneasy and uncomfortable.
i hope time will run faster so i can go home faster.
i feel like tears are falling down.
need to hold on .

that the thing that made me remember my blog.
plus,the moment i need someone at my side the most,
the person can't even make some time for me.
how frustrating it is.

ade lagi perkara lain actually.
but i really feel like crying.
damn!i don't like this situation at all.

maybe i should take a deep breath and calm down.
drink something and listen to loud and motivating songs that will 
help me handle this feeling.

can't wait for tomorrow,and rush back home to start the great holiday.
then,once its over i'm going back to my hectic routine.